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                                       Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims involve injuries that are caused by the failure of a medical professional to use proper levels of care and skill in the performance of his or her duties. The minimum accepted level of care is determined by what professionals in the same geographic area and professional field are doing for their patients.

Medicine is not an exact science, and it is important to remember that malpractice does not occur every time a medical treatment is not successful.
 Doctors are not required to be right every time they make a diagnosis or render treatment. However, they are obligated to provide good medical care based upon the accepted standards in their medical specialty. 

A misdiagnosis or unsuccessful treatment combined with such factors as failing to obtain a proper medical history, not ordering the appropriate medical tests or failing to recognize observable symptoms of an illness can be grounds for
medical malpractice if it can shown that the failure was the proximate cause
of the injury.

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